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Common Foot Problems Runners Experience

March 31, 10:03 AMBoston Running Fitness ExaminerBen Haber

Foot injuries are very common among runners, as the pounding of every step places a lot of weight and tension on the lower joints and feet. These injuries can often be difficult to diagnosis and treat, so Dr. Richard J. Manolian, a board-certified foot surgeon located in the Boston area, has answered a few questions about common foot injuries and how to deal with them. Click here for full article


Donna Magazine  

January 11, 2010

Arch Angels to the Rescue of your Child’s Feet

Arch Angels©, a registered company, were designed by two foot doctors with over 25 combined years of experience in practice who identified a previously unmet need: How to support the needs of a growing child’s feet, with a product that can be used in any enclosed shoe, can stand up to the demands of active kids, and is affordable. Read more


Massachusetts Business Person of the Week:

Dr. Richard J. Manolian, Board-certified podiatrist

December 18, 2009

What got you started in your profession?

As a child, I went on numerous visits with my grandmother to her podiatrist, and I liked the work. I knew I wanted to be a doctor, and when I started to interview the various specialities as a pre-med student in college, I discovered that podiatry would allow me to tap into surgery as well as the clinical patient experience, and provide more of a balanced life overall to enjoy a family and other hobbies.  Read the story



8/21/2008: Featured in Q&A session on episode of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.



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Laura Williams' Musings



"When we go to the zoo or other local attraction, we do a lot of walking. My feet tire so I know that my children's feet must tire as well from all the walking. We adults are afforded a product called insoles that we can put into our shoes so it's about time that a company comes out with some for children's shoes. Arch Angels™ is insoles that provide comfort to children's shoes for those tired little feet. The insoles easily slip inside your child's shoes and are made of durable material that provide support as well as comfort. Plus they don't slip around and bunch up like our adult versions we buy from another company."

- Laura Williams' Musings


Baggage and Bug


"I’ve got a pair of Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles. These are insoles for little kids. These are supposed to give comfort to your kid’s feet, as well as help to support the development of their arches. They do not have any sticky stuff in them, so you can just take them out and put them in whatever pair of shoes your little one is wearing. You can purchase them online or check out their website for a list of stores that carry them."

- Baggage and Bug


Loving Heart Mommy


"I'm spreading the word for those 10 little toes! Read on below, could just win you $500 dollars, want to share some of the moola if you win? LOL! Unfortunately I can't enter cause Gabriel isn't 2 yet, but you can if your child is between the ages of 2-8! We all love to snap photos of our kids doing the cutest things – eating messy foods in their high chairs, playing with the dog, or splashing in the pool. But when is the last (or first) time you’ve taken pictures of your child’s feet? Yes, feet! Those ten little toes can sometimes be the cutest things ever, and maybe, could get you $500! Arch Angels, comfort insoles for kids ages 2-8, is sponsoring the “Cutest Kids’ Feet Photo Contest,” with a grand prize of $500 and a lifetime supply of Arch Angels. Visit for complete details and official rules. Sometimes children choose to be inactive because their feet hurt, or they might tire easily – both can be from shoes that don’t fit properly or aren’t comfortable. Arch Angels™ are the first children’s comfort shoe insole that give parents an affordable solution to common foot-related complaints. With a progressive arch design system that reflects normal development, and a contoured heel cup that gently supports the foot, Arch Angels conform to give the child a custom fit even the best shoes can’t offer. Plus, they don’t slip around in enclosed shoes. Inspired by a mom and developed by two doctors, they’re 100% made in the USA. Arch Angels are sold at specialty stores nationwide and online at"

- Loving Heart Mommy


The Domestic Diva


"My Arch Angels is a line of specially designed arch’s just for your child’s feet. Think about it, have you ever looked inside your children’s shoes? Many of them do not have adequate if any arch support in them. If you ever go out with your children for a long period of time you are probably familiar with the complaints of tired feet. With My Arch Angels it helps give children’s feet the support, stability, and comfort that they need. Arch development is extremely important and because of that each Arch Angels insoles lasts at least two shoe sizes so they can save you money and grow with your children. Arch Angels were designed by doctors and approved by pediatricians to be a great benefit to your child’s daily lives.

Personally, we have been using Arch Angels for about a week now and my oldest son seems to really love them. My husband often times uses arches in his shoes so my son really likes the idea of wearing shoes “like Daddy”. I have noticed though that when he has his Arch Angels in his shoes he is less likely to want to take them off than when they are just flat soled.

Currently you can pick up Arch Angels online at Go try them out for yourself!"
- The Domestic Diva