How Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insoles Were Born

Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insoles     

Recipe for Arch Angels®:

  1. Take 2 experienced children’s podiatrists.
  1. Add 1 mom who wanted to put an end to “my feet are tired.”
  2. Mix the two together with a healthy dose of determination, a pinch of perseverance, and a dash of inspiration.
  3. Let bake until the world’s best children’s comfort insole rises.


Yield:  2 happy parents and children with comfortable feet.

Arch Angels® began as an idea formed by two doctors who, between them, had more than 30 years of professional experience helping children and adults maintain good foot health. When one of the doctors had his own children, he saw first-hand how providing gentle arch support and cushioning for active feet made both his children and their mom very happy!

Developed over several years, Arch Angels combines the best bio-mechanical design features with both comfortable and durable materials, to produce a product that we are proud to bring to market. Arch Angels® will provide your child with the support and comfort that their active, growing feet demand.

We are happy to report that our own in-house testers (now 8, 5, and 2 years) and many of their friends report fewer complaints of tired feet and muscle soreness. We hope you find the same success, and would love to hear your story! Please feel free to email us at or visit us at:

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