About Us

Arch Angels is the 1st arch support on the market specifically designed for Children.

The original Arch Angels Children's Comfort Insoles idea was created in 2003 by two former medical school classmates & Podiatrist’s: Dr. Anthony Howlett and Dr. Richard Manolian.  

Dr. Richard & Heather Manolian having three kids of their own and the recognition that there was not an effective and affordable over-the-counter kids insole to support the proper development of children’s feet felt that a proper orthotic arch support for a child’s foot made of safe & regulated Made in the U.S.A materials should be created.  

Dr. Anthony Howeltt spent 4 years developing Arch Angels® because they wanted to find not only the ideal manufacturing methods and materials, but they also wanted to deliver a cushioning insole that provided the right amount of support, flexibility, and durability for an active kid’s feet.  The idea behind arch supports for our little angels is to provide increasing measured support that corresponds with the changes that occur in a child’s arch as the foot develops.

With a combined 30+ years of practice in podiatry, the doctors hands-on experience has enabled them to develop the patented design for Arch Angels® Insoles with it’s Progressive Arch Design™ that provides proper biomechanical support for a child’s ever growing foot.

Arch Angels® are proudly designed, mommy approved, and Made in the U.S.A with the highest quality material for the precious market they serve!


Take a look at what Arch Angels can do for your child's feet!