About Us

Arch Angels is the first arch support on the market specifically designed for Children.

Dr. Anthony Howlett and Dr. Richard Manolian spent 4 years developing Arch Angels because they wanted to find not only the ideal manufacturing method and materials, but also because they wanted to deliver a cushioning insole that provided the right amount of support, flexibility, and durability for an active kid's feet. 

Dr. Howlett and Dr. Manolian have devoted a combined 30 years of practice in podiatry. Their hands-on experience has enabled them to develop the patented design for Arch Angels insoles, which provides the proper biomechanics for a child's ever-growing foot.

Arch Angels insoles are proudly designed and produced in the U.S.A. and use the highest quality of materials for the precious market they serve.

Take a look at what Arch Angels can do for your child's feet!