Product Sizing, Instructions, & FAQs

Sizing Information

Arch Angels® are currently available in six sizes, typically fitting children ages 2 to 10:

    Arch Angels® Size:

    Fits Shoes Sizes:


          US Toddler's Size 6-8 (EU Size 22-24)


          US Toddler's Size 9-10 (EU Size 25-27)


          US Children's Size 11-12 (EU Size 28-29)


          US Children's Size 13-1 (EU Size 30-31)


          US Youth Size 2-3 (EU Size 32-33)


          US Youth Size 4-5 (EU Size 34-35)

    Keep in mind that Arch Angels® will take up additional space inside the shoe, and therefore it may be necessary to move up a half-size shoe to accommodate their cushioning support. 

    Because the product is ¾ length, Arch Angels are designed to fit comfortably into most enclosed athletic, casual and dress shoes for toddlers, and our young boys and girls children's and youth sizes.

    Arch Angels should last each child approximately 2 shoe sizes, or about 6-16 months, depending on how fast the child grows.

    Holding your Arch Angels up to the bottom of your child’s foot, the leading edge of the insole should reach just to the bottom of the great toe joint, but should not extend past the joint.

    As the child grows, the orthotic will in effect become shorter, until it extends just to the arch of the foot. Your child may then find their Arch Angels to be a little uncomfortable at that point, and it is time to move up to the next size!

    Product Care & Use Instructions

    Align R (right) and L (left) indicators on the bottom of Arch Angels® so arrows point towards one another.  Place Arch Angels on top of existing shoe lining.

    Spot clean Arch Angels with soap and water. Air dry. Keep away from heat.

    Replace Arch Angels every two shoe sizes, or when insole no longer extends to just before the ball of the foot

    We’re confident you’ll love Arch Angels; however, if you are not satisfied, contact us at for a complete refund or replacement.

    NOTE: Should your child complain of pain, discomfort or redness while using Arch Angels, stop use and see your healthcare provider or physician.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do children benefit from a comfort insole?
      Most kids don’t start developing an arch until they are 3 or 4 because the fat re-absorbs and their muscles start to form into the arch. During this phase, their feet are so unstable, they are firing off all sorts of muscles as they try to run and walk. That’s why it’s common for them to fatigue earlier than older kids, and they show this by asking to be carried, or saying their legs are tired. Tripping frequently is another sign of kids that have developing arches.
      A comfort insole can help with the normal development of the arch and the foot. A comfort insole places your child’s foot in the proper position to encourage it to develop properly. Comfort insoles are designed to help support the arch and reduce some of the muscle strain that is common with active children. A quality comfort insole can help reduce foot fatigue, stabilize the foot to reduce injuries, and give a lift to children to energize them.
    2. Won't my Child grow out of their foot issues and pain?
      This is one of the common misconception both in the medical field and a natural thought for parents that the founders saw with clients in their podiatrist office and thus, the idea behind an affordable orthotic for kids.  You see they typically saw their adult clients stating that their foot problems started as a child.
    3. How do Arch Angels® work?
      Busy feet are constantly changing and Arch Angels® are designed to adapt to your child’s developing foot. A child’s foot is not like an adult’s foot; initially the arch of a child’s foot is flat and gradually develops over time. The height of the arch in Arch Angels® increases with each size, providing natural support for your child’s growing needs.
    4. How long will they last?
      Typically, Arch Angels® will last six to twelve months. Over time, the foam molds to your child’s foot to provide a custom fit. They will show normal wear and tear, especially at the front edges. This wear has no impact on the effectiveness of Arch Angels®.
    5. When will I know that my child has outgrown their pair of Arch Angels?
      You will know your child has outgrown their current pair best when you follow the recommended sizing included in the package.
    6. Won’t they slide around in their shoes?
      No, Arch Angels contour to the child’s foot, and the materials that we have chosen for Arch Angels provide traction against the inside of the shoe, preventing slipping.
    7. Will Arch Angels work in any shoe? How about sandals?
      Arch Angels will work in most enclosed shoes, from sneakers to dress shoes. Some of the more poorly-made shoes lack adequate depth to accommodate for Arch Angels. In these cases, it may be possible to remove the lining of the shoe. Arch Angels will not work with sandals or other open-ended shoes.
    8. What if my child loses ONE?
      Mistakes happen, and as parents we understand that things go missing. If you lose one of your Arch Angels, please contact us at and we will make you whole!